Monday, February 16, 2009

Changes to Fishing License Sale

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I received the following news item in my email that will affect all fresh water fishers in British Columbia.

Members should be aware that as we go to press with this newsletter we have been advised that the Provincial Government has now ruled that the only way you can get a fishing license for the coming year, is over the internet.

Understand you will not be able to get your license as you normally would at the local sporting goods store. You either have to do this from your own computer, if you have one and an internet connection or find a friend or a commercial outlet that can provide you with internet access. To date we have been unable to find a dealing in Merritt who is willing to purchase a new computer, a printer, paper and ink and set this up in their place of business just to sell fishing licenses. So be forewarned!

Of course this action only makes sense to our government. They are spending our license funds and getting many of us involved in projects to increase participation in recreational fishing and increase license sales and then, naturally they go about making it as difficult as possible for anglers to obtain a license. This will mean, in this writers experience that not only will there not be more people buying licenses but many who now buy will no longer do so. The inmates have taken over the asylum!

Your current license expires on March 31st.

Bill Otway
I fully agree with Bill, when he says, “The inmates have taken over the asylum!”, only our glorious squirrel brained BC government could come up with such lunacy. We have had e-licensing for a number of years and it was a great idea in connection with over the counter licensing. British Columbia has still a lot of remote and rural areas with no access to the Internet or only with dial up access.

The government spent millions to make fishing more accessible but by taking the over the counter license purchase option away they make it extraordinary difficult for many to obtain a license. Add to that the fact that many fishing tackle and hunting stores, including some Canadian Tire and Wal-Marts, already announced that they would not invest in new computers, printers and software needed to provide e-licensing service to their customers. This new system will do nothing for fishing. I will make a bet with anyone that fishing license sells will go drastically down and poaching will sky rocket.

Othmar Vohringer Outdoors

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Unknown said...

nice post!

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TheMightyMongo said...
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Othmar Vohringer said...

The comment above has been deleted. Reason; on this blog I welcome comments that contribute to the information in support or opposition but I do not tolerate threats of violence and rudeness.

Andrew said...

What does this mean for visitors who come to BC to fish? Do they need to find internet access at a sporting goods store to secure a license?

Othmar Vohringer said...

Sorry for the delay in answering your question Andrew. I had some serious commuter problems that kept me away from the Internet.

Most sporting goods stores, Canadian Tire and some Wal-Mart outlets are equipped to offer Internet fishing license sale. You have not to do it yourself but you will be in most cases charged a small handling free to cover the extra cost that arises from offering Internet license sale. Local BC government agencies too offer Internet fishing license sales.

If you fish with a guide or outfitter he will take care of your fishing license. Hope this answers your concerns and happy fishing in the worlds fishing capitol.

That Internet fishing licensing only option sadly inconveniences many fishers and I do hope that our government will soon see the light and return to the dual option sooner rather than later.