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Recreational Fishing In BC Is Big Business For The Government

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According to a report released by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC recreational fishing in British Columbia is big business with huge financial profits for the government. The report states that anglers contribute the staggering sum of half a billion dollars. Yes you read that right $500 Million. While the overall economy has declined and just now starts to pick slowly up again the fishing economy never slowed down. It fact it is growing and growing.

The study, which was conducted by noted fisheries economist Gordon Gislason, measured freshwater fishing across a variety of social and economic indicators and produced some impressive conclusions about this often overlooked sector.

Here is a basic breakdown of the financial contributions anglers make annually to our economy.
  • 270,000 freshwater anglers spend $480 million annually on equipment, travel, accommodation and hospitality services.
  • The 1,000 businesses that outfit freshwater anglers contribute $210 million in GDP, employ 3,900 full-time workers, pay $120 million in wages and benefits.
  • Anglers contribute $125 million in provincial and federal taxes.
  • BC anglers generate13 million dollars in fishing license revenue that in turn is reinvested in the fishing resource each year.
  • Every $1 spent on stocking freshwater lakes and streams by the FFSBC produces $21 in spending by anglers.
This is impressive by any standard. But we’re not done. It gets even better. The above is only for the fresh water fishery but British Columbia also has a big tidal (ocean) sport fishery. The tidal water anglers are an even bigger contributor to the government coffers and employment than the fresh water fishery.

From that the provincial government gets 58.2 million dollars and the federal government gets 95.5 million. The tidal fishery provides 9,975 jobs on a provincial and federal level. This in turn generates 285 million dollars in revenue. Are you impressed now? You should be and next time you head out to your favorite fishing location hold your head a little bit higher in the knowledge that you are a major contributor to our economy.

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Steelhead said...

This is good news.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Yes, indeed that is good news. Most people have no idea how much anglers and hunters contribute to the economy of British Columbia and Canada.